When a Ramp Rental is a Good Idea

Renting Ramp

According to a survey by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University titled ‘Housing America’s Older Adults’, 5.5 million older households include a person with mobility difficulty, but live in homes without no-step entryways. Such homes may not require a ramp, but there are still millions that do in cities like New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia. The requirement for this accessibility product could be permanent or temporary and renting a wheelchair ramp is the right solution for a short-term need.

Ramp Rental in New Jersey

Some accessibility improvements to support older adults and people with disabilities can be made relatively easily, while others can be complex and costly. The cost of installing a permanent ramp for your home could go up to $2500 dollars, and if you have only a temporary need, the ideal option would be to rent one. The common situations when this temporary mobility solution is recommended are:

  • Short-term rehabilitation
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Guest with disabilities
  • Special events
  • Rented property

There are companies in New Jersey that offer flexible rental options. You can rent a modular ramp and then convert part of your rental costs towards the purchase price if you need the ramp for a longer period.

Types of Rental Wheelchair Ramps Available

Living Free Home, a leading NJ-based supplier of accessibility products, offers convenient rental arrangements for modular ramps, including DIY systems. The ramp models available on rent are:

  • Straight ramp with and without platform
  • Turn platform with ramp
  • Turn ramps to existing landing
  • Turn ramp to second platform
  • Turn back layout

The DIY modular ramps come in kits with all accessories, parts and pieces so that you can easily build your own ramp. The ramp, platform and handrails need minimal assembly. Made of durable, lightweight aluminum that does not rust, they are easy to maintain. Quality systems have a non-skid surface and come with a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. With a clean, modern appearance, this type of wheelchair ramp can be customized to suit your needs.

Your dealer will provide all the support and guidance you need, including site evaluation. Experienced companies also have technical experts who can install your ramp within 24-48 hours of site evaluation.

The length and configuration of the ramp can be determined once you assess the rise and the degree of incline. If the user is a person in a wheelchair, the slope of the ramp has to be minimized for safety. Modular ramps can also be easily moved once use is over.

Lastest Update: March 1, 2016


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