Wheelchair Ramps – Maintain Freedom and Comfort without Sacrificing Safety

Wheelchair Ramps - Maintain Freedom and Comfort without Sacrificing Safety

It’s a great idea to make your home wheelchair accessible, as it will make life easier for mobility challenged persons. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a building must be accessible for wheelchair users and a wheelchair ramp can make this possible. Ramps help overcome the everyday barriers posed by single steps and door thresholds and allow wheelchair users to access buildings independently. Established dealers in mobility equipment offer both permanent and portable wheelchair ramps in NJ and can help you select the most suitable product for your needs.

There are three types of three types of ramps — Permanent, Semi-permanent and Portable

  • Permanent: Made of wood, concreteor steel, these units are bolted or cemented in place. As they are long-term solutions, they must be set up following strict guidelines for safety and durability. They are ideal for halls and new buildings.
  • Semi-permanent: These are simply placed on top of the ground. These short-term solutions are available as DIY kits along with an installation guide. They are made of aluminum.
  • Portable: They are great option for wheelchair users to access door thresholds, raised landings, vehicles and steps. They are light-weight, can be folded easily and carried along. Suitcase ramps can be split into two pieces, making them easier and lighter to carry and store.

Leading dealers provide threshold ramps that provide a sturdy and secure access for wheelchair, walker or scooter.

Factors to consider while installing a ramp are:

  • Area and length
  • Safety features
  • Material – aluminum, steel or wood

Modular aluminum ramps in NJ are pre-configured with handrails that are ready to install. They can be set up with and without platforms. All modular ramp kits come with all necessary accessories, so that you can build a ramp ‘out of the box’. These units are also available as rentals for needs such as short-term rehabilitation, recovery after surgery, guest with disabilities, or a special event

To buy a wheelchair ramp, choose a reliable NJ dealer that offers the services of certified technicians. They will analyze your home settings free of cost and help you choose a ramp that meets your specific needs.

Lastest Update: July 10, 2017


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