Wheelchair Ramp Installation for a Condominium Owner at New Jersey


For some seniors even a couple of small steps can be a barrier to the home. Living Free Home (LFH) is committed to offering a wide range of mobility ramps that are designed to provide more independence for wheelchair users. We offer products for residential as well as commercial use. We successfully installed a convenient ramp for a homeowner from Old Bridge, New Jersey that improved wheelchair accessibility to their home.


The client, who lived in a condo building with her husband in Old Bridge, New Jersey, was facing difficulty in getting her husband in his wheelchair up and into the home. She called us and spoke of the challenge they were facing. We installed a ramp that eased the mobility of the homeowner and met the standards required by the condo board.


Our certified technicians installed a small ramp so that the homeowner could navigate the step up from the sidewalk and then the step up from the landing. As the clients lived in a condo development, we had to ensure that we use materials that could easily be removed should the homeowner decide to sell and move. Our service also satisfied the condo board who wanted assurances that any home modifications would not be permanent.

If you need such professional ramp installation support, feel free to contact us. Our services are available in diverse areas such as New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and the Philadelphia Area.



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