Wheelchair Ramps

Common Types of Wheelchair Ramps for Vehicles

Reliable dealer in accessibility devices offer an extensive range of wheelchair ramps in NY designed for various applications in residential and commercial settings. When it comes to vehicle access, customers can choose from a wide variety of portable wheelchair ramps. This equipment allows you to load scooter and electric wheelchairs into vehicles with ease. These

How Beneficial Are Steel Wheelchair Ramps?

A ramp is a valuable mobility enhancing product that adds comfort, convenience and safety to your lifestyle, especially that of mobility-challenged people. Many manufacturers provide ramps of various types and materials. The steel wheelchair ramps designed and manufactured by the industry-leading manufacturer National Ramp are ADA-compliant and can be quickly installed.

Ramp Rental - Frequently Asked Questions

Wheelchair ramps, no doubt play a key role in improving the accessibility of mobility impaired individuals. However for short-term or temporary purpose like a temporary rehabilitation program, renting a wheelchair ramp is a great idea. Read the infographic below to see whether you can benefit from the ramp rental option offered by any reputable mobility

Quick Buying and Using Tips for Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps or handicap ramps offer wheelchair users greater access in their homes as well as in other residential and business spaces. Their greatest advantage is the sense of independence they give the wheelchair user. Ramps come in various sizes, styles and shapes; they may be portable, semi- permanent, or permanent.  Whether you are purchasing

Choosing the Right Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are essential to make buildings and their surroundings more accessible for disabled people and seniors. One of the most important considerations when buying a ramp is safety. Therefore it is important to ensure that you choose the right ramp with all advanced safety features. Following are some of the wheelchair ramps that are

Modular Solid Surface Ramp

For scooter or wheelchair users, a ramp makes their home more accessible. These ramps help them to overcome barriers such as steps, raised thresholds, vehicles and raised landings without any difficulty. Serving in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and the Philadelphia area, Living Free Home is an established supplier of ramps. We install custom,

Making a Home Safer for Seniors

Safety at home is a major concern for older adults, especially those with severe mobility challenges. As people age, they can face difficulties with regard to balance, strength, memory, hearing, and vision that put them at risk of falling. Moving around safely can be a major issue in homes with stairs, which is why many