Stairlift Installation Improved Home Accessibility and Safety for an NJ Client

Stairlift Installation

Steep stairs are difficult to use, especially by the elderly and those with particular physical conditions. Often these stairs are a common location for an injury-sustaining fall to occur. Stairlifts of various types are available that allow easy access on straight as well as curved stairs. A stair chair lift is the ideal solution when it comes to addressing the challenges posed by a staircase in your home.

An accessibility solutions provider with 11 years of experience in the industry, Living Free Home installs custom stairlifts for residential, public and commercial settings. We assisted a client with a physical condition in East Brunswick, NJ, by providing a stairlift that ideally suited the client’s steep staircase.

A typical staircase of 13 steps can prove to be very challenging if you have significant mobility issues. As the steps were difficult to access, our client had stopped using the second floor and was sleeping on a couch in the living room.

Our objective was to provide a permanent accessibility solution for this valued client enabling him to use all parts of his house. Our team installed a stairlift that helped the client to access the second floor of his home safely and comfortably. Now with the help of the stair lift, the comfort of living at home has returned to this client.

Our Free Accessibility Analysis is designed to analyze your actual requirements. Customers are ensured professional installation support, and the service of dedicated technicians.

Lastest Update: July 18, 2016


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