Portable Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

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EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp Signature Series




With 11 years of experience in supplying accessibility solutions, Living Free Home (LFH) is an established dealer in the industry. We offer EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp Signature Series that is made of aluminum and is most commonly used for wheelchairs and scooters. With an 800-pound weight capacity, this durable ramp was designed for high traffic use and is simply the best in the industry.

Designed for people who need immediate access, this ramp comes with an easy-to-carry design. Its ergonomically-designed handles and a non-protruding hinge allow you to carry it anywhere. This ultra-strong ramp is available in 2’ to 8’ lengths and its welded construction provides long-term durability and safety. This portable ramp is also compatible with the Top Lip Extension (TLE). Adding TLE between 3” and 9” to your ramp’s top lip makes loading and unloading a mobility device into an SUV or van much easier.


  • Single-fold ramp hinge that ensures the ramp is strong and safe. It also helps protect against pinching and ensures the ramp is easy to set up.
  • Ergonomically-designed handles that make the ramp easy to carry anywhere.
  • Slip-resistant treads to help mobility devices retain traction in all weather conditions.


Ramp Length Size Folded Size Weight

2 Foot Ramp 2’L x 30″W 24″L x 15″W x 4″H 11 lbs.
3 Foot Ramp 3’L x 30″W 36″L x 15″W x 4″H 17 lbs
4 Foot Ramp 4’L x 30″W 48″L x 15″W x 4″H 23 lbs.
5 Foot Ramp 5’L x 30″W 60″L x 15″W x 4″H 29 lbs
6 Foot Ramp 6’L x 30″W 72″L x 15″W x 4″H 34 lbs
7 Foot Ramp 7’L x 30″W 84″L x 15″W x 4″H 41 lbs
8 Foot Ramp 8’L x 20″W 96″L x 30″W x 4″H 42 lbs

EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp Signature Series is the perfect choice for those looking for comprehensive portable ramps.

Call us at 888-545-4846 and ask for a Free Accessibility Analysis.


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