Modular Ramps Assembly


How They go Together

Download complete detailed instructions (pdf)

Our wheelchair ramps feature many significant time saving and safety conscious innovations to insure your satisfaction. All of the parts and pieces you need are shipped together, including the fasteners, if you have built a play set or your kids bicycle than you will appreciate that these directions are from an American company using made in USA components and parts.

  • The support legs are individually adjustable to make up for any inconsistencies in the level of the land or sidewalk under the feet. No anchoring into concrete footings or pads is required. This alone can save you days of tedious digging and pouring cement. Not to mention the mess you are left with when at some future time you decide to move the ramp or no longer have a need for it.
  • Joining handrails can be difficult in some systems where drilling and inserting screws through the handrail is necessary, in our system an ingenious handrail connector is used, all you need is an 5/32 allen wrench to tighten the joiner assembly and the handrails are connected. You insert the joiner assembly between the two handrails, push the handrails together and tighten, done.
  • If you choose to install handrail end loops or ADA loops, they are joined to the handrail using the same handrail connector.
  • Handrail corner kits are provided to make corner connections easy, these consist of an adjustable elbow that eliminates the need to perfectly cut and join tubular aluminum.
  • A 16′ ramp system ships in simple to assemble pre-assembled format, the ramp sections are complete, you are not expected to insert the aluminum planking sections into the frame like our competitors, the handrails are built, and all of the fittings are shipped complete based on the size and configuration of your ramp.


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