Ramp Rental – An Ideal Option to Address Your Short-term Needs


As you know, wheelchair ramps are easy-to-use and safe accessibility solutions that enable disabled as well as elderly people to enjoy complete freedom to move in, around and outside their home safely. Some disabilities are permanent, while others may be temporary. For temporary requirements, buying or investing in a wheelchair ramp isn’t always the most realistic choice for everyone. In such a case, the right option is to rent a ramp from an experienced accessibility solutions supplier. Whether you have guests at home, or you are recovering from a surgery, these ramps would be helpful to improve accessibility in and out of your home.

Ramp rental options are useful for –

  • Short-term rehabilitation
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Rental properties
  • House guest with disabilities
  • Special events such as graduations and weddings
  • Business under construction and a temporary ADA ramp needed

Multi-fold portable wheelchair ramps are also available that come with a folding design, which allows them to be stored away or transported easily.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Ramp Rental Options

While renting a ramp, consider certain factors such as –

Your exact requirement

If your need is to use the ramp till you recover from a surgery, consider renting the ramp for the entire time of your expected recovery with the option to add weeks or months. If you are expecting a guest who uses a wheelchair, install the ramp a few days before she arrives.
As wheelchair ramps come in a variety of sizes, choose the right one to meet your needs and for safety reasons. Exactly measure the area where ramps are needed. Provide those exact measurements to your ramp rental company, which can ensure smooth and fast installation.

Install ramps indoor or outdoor

Ramps help wheelchair users to enter and exit the house as well as navigate inside the house. Make a list of the number of areas you require ramps inside and outside, based on your house design. Portable ramps made of both aluminum and rubber are available for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised landings with ease. These are ideal for commercial and residential applications. Make sure that your outdoor ramps are waterproof.

Adherence to ADA specifications

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has provided certain specifications for installing a wheelchair ramp for the disabled. It is critical to adhere to these regulations, as they have been put in place to keep wheelchair users safe while using ramps. Ensure that all the ramp configurations meet the ADA requirement.

Choose a reliable provider

Reliable suppliers of accessibility solutions can provide the services of factory-certified service technicians, who will evaluate your property to determine and install the ramp rental solution that is best for you. Professional companies can even cater to your ramp rental request for emergency situations in around 24 hours.

Installation support and removal

Experienced suppliers provide professional installation services to set up their rental accessibility products in your settings. Make sure that the removal of these ramps is also done by these professionals. Check whether the removal procedure is included in your contract with the rental service. Make sure that while installing and removing ramps, there is no damage to landscaping and exterior/interior fixtures.

Rental pricing

Often, ramp rental pricing depends on the specific configuration needed for your home. The longer the ramp, the higher the installation and rental rates will be. Also, compare prices with other suppliers to choose the best rate.

Lastest Update: March 26, 2019


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