Quality Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps for Safe and Smooth Access

Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps

External ramps provide safe and comfortable access over steps, thresholds, doorways and raised landings. They are designed to meet the accessibility requirements of wheelchair and mobility scooter users, parents with strollers, people with walking difficulties, and those using walking aids. Leading dealers in mobility products offer innovative models of mobility ramps in a wide range of styles and configurations and can customize them to suit the environment in which they are installed and the needs of users.

Choose the Right Wheelchair ramps

If you are thinking of installing a ramp in your home, look for a supplier that offers different types of innovative ramps such as fixed wheelchair ramps, portable wheelchair ramps, and DIY mobility ramps. These come in aluminum, wood and steel. Based on your requirements, a professional company will help you choose and set up the right option.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

  • Aluminum series – With a maximum load capacity of 800 lbs, this wheelchair ramp model is strong and durable and can be easily installed within a few hours. A 2” safety curb on two sides ensures safety and prevents the wheelchair from rolling off. The multi-weld fabrication process ensures less deflection of the ramp surface. This product also comes with an anti-slip aluminum tread surface on the entire system. The code-compliant mesh design allows natural drainage.
  • Steel Series – Available in Tuxedo Black color that compliments any exterior finish, the steel series comes with an 800 lbs load capacity. Featuring a textured finish for slip resistance and unique welded cone-mounted handrail design, this durable ADA-compliant system can virtually allow any configuration.
  • Wood Series – When compared to steel or aluminum, wooden ramps offer a look that is consistent with outdoor decks and patios. These ramps systems are wood decking spaced, allowing drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction. The system also comes with a unique leg design to maximize structural integrity. Pressure-treated wood prevents rotting.

Benefits of Partnering with a Reliable Supplier

Purchasing wheelchair ramps from an experienced, licensed and accredited dealer in accessibility products Living Free Home would offer many benefits. In addition to the best prices, a professional company will ensure free shipping, quick and customized installation of your wheelchair ramp, and comprehensive technical support.

Lastest Update: January 4, 2016


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