Platform with Handrails

Living Free Home, an established supplier of quality accessibility solutions offers diverse ramp accessories as well as ramp platforms with handrails.

Platforms are used to start a ramp at the door, giving the user a flat surface to enter/exit the door safely. Turning platforms are used to change the direction of the ramp either a right angle or a turn back (U Turn). Platforms can also be used as a resting area on longer ramps.

Our ramp platforms with aluminum handrails can:

  • Protect your wheelchairs and scooters against falls
  • Prevent rust or corrosion
  • Help easy installation and removal

Based on your requirement, we offer two options for the end of your hand rails – straight end and loop end. Our DIY ramp kits include platform, handrails, and legs.

Check out our Professional Installation Services!

Dial 888-545-4846 for assistance with your ramp platform with handrails.

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