Outdoor Stairlift Installation Assists Client to Navigate Stairs Up and Down

Outdoor Stairlift Installation Assists Client to Navigate Stairs


Limited mobility is a barrier that stops any one from enjoying their great outdoors – porch, deck or even lake side.An outdoor stairlift is a perfect mobility aid to give anyone access to those outdoor spaces they love. An experienced hand in serving clients with diverse mobility requirements, Living Free Home is dedicated to meeting their unique needs. Our team recently installed a Bruno CRE-2110 Elite Curve Outdoor stair lift system that helped our client to safely navigate steps to the home on the lake side.

The Challenge

This particular client, who lives in Lakeside community with steep stairs down the embankment to their home could no longer safely navigate the stairs up, and in snowy/icy conditions could not go down. The client contacted us to install a safe and comfortable mobility device to avoid climbing those narrow stairs.

The Solution

As a solution to this client’s mobility issues, our team installed a Bruno CRE-2110 Elite Curve Outdoor stair lift system, made especially for this type of exterior use. This curved stairlift offers an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride. Custom-crafted to maximize stairway space, it comes with a 400lb lift capacity and also features Wireless call/send controls, an offset swivel seat with flip-up arms and folding footrest/seat.It also has a weather-resistant cover that travels with the seat and can be used to protect the seat and keep it dry when not in use.

Our design and installation teams worked together to successfully install this stairlift, thus providing the client the freedom to navigate the steps without any difficulty. Rails are mounted to the treads of the stairs and do not require a wall for support.

Our outdoor stair lifts are specifically designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, including freezing temperatures, rain, and UV rays. Whether you need assistance getting to an elevated porch or down steps to the deck, we can assist you with quality stairlift installation.

If you have a complicated staircase, either indoor or outdoor, which is difficult to navigate, our team will be happy to help with the right mobility device. Just dial 888-545-4846!

Lastest Update: April 14, 2018


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