Open Mesh Aluminum

Living Free Home (LFH), a reliable accessibility solutions provider in the United States, offers a full line of modular ramp systems to help the elderly and physically disabled persons minimize fall risk and improve mobility. Our ADA-compliant open mesh aluminum ramps are 100% maintenance free and allow rain and melting snow to pass through, drying it quickly and providing excellent traction.

This trademark product line of National Ramp has the unique advantages of being maintenance-free and is also the safest ramp surface available. Easy to install in just a few hours, this product brings immediate freedom to the user. These ramp systems can be easily dismantled and moved as per requirement.


  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty against rust
  • Requires no maintenance or repainting
  • Environmentally responsible – 100% recyclable

Ramps are built to your length using the following sectional dimensions:

The sections are 2′, 3′, 5′, and 6′ for Open Mesh ramps. Your ramp includes a 16″ bottom transition plate which is calculated as part of the total ramp length. Due to the limitations of these section sizes, your ramp may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the sections configured.

Please add comments on the order form if you have limited space and must meet a certain dimension.


  • If you order a 14′ ramp you will receive 2ea. 6′ sections and a 16″ bottom transition plate for a total of 13′ – 6″.
  • If you order a 20′ ramp you will receive 3 ea. 6′ sections and a 16″ bottom transition plate for a total of 19′ – 6″.
  • If you order a 24′ ramp you will receive 3ea. 6′ sections and 1ea. 5′ section and 16″ bottom transition plate for a total of 24′ – 6″.

Here Are the Features that Make LFH Unique

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