Modular Ramp FAQ


How long should my ramp be?
That depends a lot on how you are using your ramp. For example if an elderly person is going to walk up the ramp using their walker you want to stick to the ADA recommended ramp pitch of 1:12. That means for every inch of rise (distance from ground to your landing) you should have 1 foot of ramp. So if you have a 40” rise ADA Guidelines would recommend 40’ of ramp. More on ADA and pitches on our ramp planning guide page.

Can I send you a photo or a layout?
Yes we love to work with a photo in our hands, it helps us to guide you to the right choice.

Do I need a building permit?
Modular ramps are considered temporary structures so generally you may not need a permit. However you should check with your local town to be sure. Your town may want to see a drawing of the ramp on your plot plan to make sure it is within zoning guidelines.

What kind of tools do I need if I am going to “do-it-myself”?
If you are working with our metal or aluminum surfaces all you really need are a socket set, screwdriver, tape measure, and level. A battery powered impact gun or drill driver will speed things up! See our installation video, installation directions on our ramp planning guide page.

Why is the rise so important?
Knowing your rise insures we are sending you the proper length legs for the ramp.

If conditions change and I need to move or extend my ramp can I add to it or re-configure it later?
Yes, we can work with you re-use your aluminum or steel ramps.

Do I need to pour footings?
No the ramps are designed to sit on the ground. We recommend a patio block under the foot.

How long should this take me to build?
Depends on the complexity of the ramp. A simple 24’ straight aluminum or steel ramp should take around 2 hours for 2 able bodied workers.

Will insurance pay for my ramp?
Medicare does not pay for ramps, but you should check with your insurance company to see if they have any funding for you.

I don’t see a layout like the ramp I need?
Call or email us with your special layout. We can do almost any configuration.

Can I return my ramp?
No, ramps are not returnable. That is why we want you to spend the time to properly plan your ramp.



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