Living Free Home’s Open Mesh Steel Ramp Installation – a Relief for Ailing Father and Daughter


Stairs become a challenge when a family member develops mobility issues. People with mobility problems use powered wheelchairs to improve their independence and freedom of movement in a variety of environments, including the home, place of work, or local community and often without the assistance of a caregiver. However, to access stairs they often need someone’s assistance.

Caregivers also face challenges in caring for their loved ones. Wheelchair ramps are now available in diverse models, which ensure a safe way to enter and exit your home. A leading supplier of quality wheelchair ramps in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and the Philadelphia Area, Living Free Home recently installed an open mesh steel ramp for a wheelchair user who was very much in need of reliable mobility equipment.

This particular client contacted Living Free Home to install a modular ramp for her father. She and her father’s aid were literally carrying her father down the steps on his wheelchair to his twice a week dialysis appointments. You can imagine the safety risk involved in this for the person as well as his helpers. We immediately evaluated the specific requirements of this client, and decided on a modular open mesh steel ramp that is durable and cost-effective.

The ramp was installed perfectly by our technicians flush with the front door landing and the edge of the driveway. We turned the job around in 48 hours so the client could make his next appointment in safety. The black powder-coated finish of the ramp matches the wrought iron railing and does not make the ramp ‘stick out’ from the street, which had been a major concern of the client.

The client is happy with the improved accessibility her father enjoys. Even on rainy days, this ramp is safe as the water goes through and the mesh has a very high degree of friction for sure footing. The sturdy handrails also help when dad is feeling better and wants to try and walk.

Modular ramps are ADA-compliant and can be installed quickly and efficiently. They can be left in place permanently or temporarily. Moreover, they can be easily disassembled, and moved or removed according to the user’s requirements. Open mesh steel ramps provide excellent traction and dry quickly, thereby preventing corrosion and damage.

Lastest Update: July 10, 2017


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