Living Free Home Installed Modular Solid Surface Ramp for an NJ Client

Modular Solid Surface Ramp

For scooter or wheelchair users, a ramp makes their home more accessible. These ramps help them to overcome barriers such as steps, raised thresholds, vehicles and raised landings without any difficulty. Serving in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and the Philadelphia area, Living Free Home is an established supplier of ramps. We install custom, portable or modular wheelchair ramps, based on the client’s specific requirements.

A client who resided in a New Jersey development in Monmouth County called us with the requirement to install a solid surface ramp in the garage. The County did not allow ramps outside.

Our certified technicians installed a modular solid surface ramp in the client’s garage. This ramp type is ideal for permanent or long-term use. It can also be moved or re-configured as needed. An experienced hand in the industry, Living Free Home also offers ramp rental options at our local markets. Instead of purchasing one, clients can rent a residential or commercial ramp that would serve as a temporary mobility solution.

Whether the necessity is short-term rehabilitation, recovery after surgery, guest with disabilities or even any special events, you can consider this customized rental option.

Lastest Update: May 23, 2016


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