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The benefits of a stairlift from Handicare
Handicare Stairlifts has produced and installed lifts for more than 125 years and has many satisfied and happy users worldwide. Their innovations take care of the most comfortable, safe and whisper quiet stairlifts. A stairlift from Handicare is not only convenient, but also beautiful and fits any house and interior by its huge range of seats, rails and colours. Top quality in all respects makes a Handicare stairlift a valuable asset for your convenience.
You will have independence with contemporary design and maximum safety in house for a price that will certainly appeal to you. With a one-off investment you will retain your mobility and be able to stay in your own home.
Ad-hoc solutions like sleeping downstairs or moving house will become a thing of the past. A Handicare stairlift will give you comfort and safety and is a fine gesture to yourself and the people around you.

A perfect solution for every staircase
Handicare has a solution for every staircase. All Handicare curved stairlifts share the same typical features: easy to operate, whisper silentand functional design. With our different types of stairlifts we are able to place a Handicare stairlift in every type of house and provide a safe and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of staircases. The compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users.


A seat for every interior

Handicare Stairlifts offers you the choice of different stairlift seats, each of them available in a range  of colours. There’s plenty of choice, in terms of both comfort and style to suit that of your home.  Because convenience can look good too.

The best-selling Classic seat has an attractive leather grain effect finish. Made from durable, non-slip polyurethane, it is hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

The perfect combination of ergonomic design and  sitting comfort.

“My stairlift from  Handicare fits perfectly  in my narrow staircase and there is still enough  walking space for other  stair users. It’s turned out  really perfectly. And so simple to operate that I could use it right away.  I’m very pleased with the silence and the comfort and feel once more safe and secure. It’s something  that I should have done years ago”.

Manual swivel
Push down lever allows seat to be  swivelled enabling safe mounting  and dismounting.

Powered swivel
The seat will move automatically,  operated by the joystick.


The new Elegance seat is lightly padded and offers a harmonious combination  of elegant design and  sophisticated comfort.

Space saving  design
The arm rests and foot  support can be folded  away easily, maximising  the clear space on the  stairs.

Safety sensors
Your Handicare stairlift will come with a range of  safety sensors that are designed to stop your stairlift if it meets any obstruction as you  travel up the stairs.


Remote control
With light pressure on the fetch and dispatch buttons the lift is always within  arm’s reach.


This easy to use control can be positioned on left or right arm.




Key switch The key can be removed to prevent unauthorised use.

Safety belt Fitted as standard for your protection and security

Footrest linkage
Simultaneously folds up with seat

A tailor-made solution
Perfectly finished, 100% made to measure…  and yet rapidly installed at your home. We will,  after an informal visit, explain all the features of our  stairlifts to you in detail.

Each Handicare stairlift is designed to suit your  individual staircase. We use advanced PhotoSurvey  technology to make accurate measurements and  we have all the options available to ensure the best  possible fit for your staircase.


Handicare Vision: a 3D preview of a stairlift on your stairs
When it comes to stairlifts we want you to make the best choice possible. Therefore, we are delighted to  offer you additional help to make choosing the right  stairlift a lot easier. Vision is a special tablet application  developed by Handicare. With this application your  stairlift advisor can show you how your Handicare  stairlift will look on your staircase. Vision uses  augmented reality to show you 3D images of various  seats, colours and options from our assortment.  With the 3D preview you can see and choose your  Handicare stairlift in the comfort of your own home.


45° Downward Facing Seat
The seat is able to travel downward facing at 45°. This means that where a stairwell is particularly narrow,  or a user has limited knee flexion, you can fit a Van  Gogh with a 45° seat and special footplate. This could  avoid the inconvenience of major building adaptations,  or save on the cost of a through floor lift.


A rail colour that matches

Handicare’s curved rail matches every interior and is  available in the colours cream-white, brown and grey.  For an additional fee the rail can be finished in any  colour to suit your decor.


Quality and safety
All our new products are delivered with 2 years warranty. A Handicare stairlift stands for high quality: quality in  terms of safety, innovation, comfort and design.  Furthermore, all our products are tested and approved  by worldwide independent inspection services. This  gives you the assurance that all our products meet the  highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

Automatic folding hinge
To avoid any obstruction at the bottom of the stairs,  e.g. where there is a doorway, an automatic hinged  rail with safety system is available.



Convenience serves people… and lifting equipment of  Handicare has been doing just that for more than 125  years.
With technical perfection, intelligent solutions and safe  applications, Handicare’s innovations have provided not  only greater comfort, but also more attractive stairlifts…  in your style, your taste.
Top quality in all respects make the Handicare stairlift a  valuable asset for independence around the home.  Many satisfied users experience that every day.

Lastest Update: January 27, 2016


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