Handicare Curved Stairlifts for Philadelphia Homes

Handicare Curved Stairlifts

Though curved stairs are an attractive feature of many Philadelphia homes, they can pose a barrier to accessibility for seniors and people with physical challenges. A leading manufacturer of mobility systems, Handicare offers a wide range of curved stairlifts to address the issue. These stair chair lifts are designed to provide a safe, smooth and comfortable ride over even the most complicated staircases.

Handicare Curved Stairlift Models

  • Handicare 2000: This stairlift can be installed on either side of the stairs. Battery-powered operation ensures that you can continue to use your stairlift even in the event of a power outage. With a choice of six different colors for the upholstery and two different colours for the tracks, the device can be customized to match your home.
  • Handicare Vermeer: This multi-storey lift can travel up to six or seven floors. It comes with a single round track and a wide range of seats and is a perfect solution for houses with a spiral staircase.
  • Handicare Rembrandt: The track of this stairlift runs above the narrow side of the stairs, leaving the broad section of the stairs completely free for other stair users. Once you are seated, the seat will automatically swivel so that your back faces the stairs, and not the wall or handrail. This will safeguard your knees from bumping against the wall or banister during travel.
  • Handicare Van Gogh: Designed for the outside of the stairs, this is one of the most popular curved stairlifts in the world. With extensive features, this stair chair lift safe, provides a smooth and comfortable ride even over the most complex staircases.

Supplied with a twin tube track or a single round track, these lifts also include diverse features such as a standard seat belt, foldable footplate, and swivel-seat.

Benefit from Comprehensive Customer Service

A reliable supplier of Handicare stairlifts in PA can help you choose the right model for your setting. They will custom build the lift to suit the exact specifications of your stairway and ensure hassle-free installation as well as ongoing support for inspection and maintenance.

Lastest Update: October 24, 2016


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