Effective Strategies for Stairlift Maintenance

Stairlift Maintenance

Installed in both residential and commercial buildings, stairlifts in New York address the challenges that many people face in negotiating staircases. These mechanical devices are designed to help the elderly and people with limited disabilities to travel up and down a staircase with relative ease. Installing a stairlift helps prevent the risk of falls and accidents on stairs, and permits users to remain in the home that they love. However, the units should be well maintained. Proper care and maintenance will keep the device in good working condition, ensure that it functions reliably and safely all the time, and extend its lifespan. Here are the some effective strategies to maintain your stairlift:

  • Regular maintenance – Servicing should be carried out at least once a year to extend the life of the system and prevent any serious issues.
  • Avoid unplugging the device – The unit should never be unplugged, even if it is not in use,as unplugging can cause damage to the battery pack.
  • Keep the track clear – It is essential to ensure that the track along which the lift moves is clear before In fact, most stairlifts are fitted with safety sensors that stop the unit when any obstruction is encountered. However,things like coins can get stuck on the track. So always perform a check and keep the track free from any clutter or debris.
  • Park at the correct position on the track – The lift should be parked at the very end of the track, either at the top or bottom, to enable charging.
  • Never exceed the maximum weight – Be careful not to exceed the maximum weight limit that the system can safely carry. This limit will be specified in the user’s manual.
  • Clean the track – The track should be cleaned and oiled to ensure a smooth ride every time. For safety, disable the track before cleaning and then just wipe it over with a damp cloth. Run some petroleum jelly along the track every couple of months. However, it may be advisable not to use any cleaning products.
  • Clean the seat – The seat cushion should be wiped clean with a damp sponge. In fact, vinyl-coated seats are usually easy to wipe clean, while the upholstered seats can be spot-treated with a soapy sponge or upholstery cleaner. It is very important to dry off the seat after cleaning.
  • Cover outdoor stairlifts – An outdoor stairlift seat must have waterproof cover to keep it protected from inclement weather. Usually, exterior stairlifts may require more maintenance and cleaning than indoor ones.

Purchase of a stairlift from a professional dealer will ensure efficient and prompt stair lift installation, repair and maintenance services by factory-trained technicians. It is always better to rely on professional stairlift maintenance services than to attempt any serious work on your own. These experts can help you keep your device in excellent working condition by spotting problems which an untrained person may have missed.

Lastest Update: September 21, 2017


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