At Living Free Home , we have been installing stairlifts for over 12 years in the NJ, Metro New York, Philadelphia, and Boston area. We have dedicated installers in each of our markets who insure that your lift installation is safe and properly fitted for your use.

Wheelchair users and mobility scooter users often find it difficult to access stairs in commercial or public buildings. With commercial wheelchair lifts, users can enjoy safe and low-rise travel in these buildings, without having to get out of the wheelchair. They simply need to roll the wheelchair on to the platform provided. In addition, wheelchair

Commercial wheelchair lifts make public or commercial buildings accessible and compliant with ADA and state building codes. These systems allow wheelchair users to enjoy reliable, safe low-rise travel in these buildings without leaving the comfort of their assistive device. Ideal for use in commercial buildings such as schools, universities, office buildings, churches, auditoriums, colleges and

Climbing stairs is one of the common challenges faced by people with age-related ailments like injuries, lack of balance and coordination issues. A stair lift can enhance their mobility and independence to a great extent. The device allows the user to access all areas of their home safely and comfortably. Popular dealers in accessibility equipment

Accessing porch or patio steps can be an extremely challenging task for people with mobility issues, preventing them from going out into the garden or other outdoor areas. Installing an exterior stair lift on the outdoor staircase would provide the solution. Designed specifically for curved stairs, the accessibility device allows the user to navigate the

Commercial wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to overcome vertical barriers in settings where ramps are not an option. These wheelchair lifts are a great option for schools, universities, office buildings, churches, auditoriums, colleges and common areas in multifamily dwelling units. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer premium quality Bruno commercial wheelchair lifts in New York

Specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, Bruno’s Outdoor Elite Stairlifts helps you enjoy the outside of you home safely.


Bruno Elan

Bruno’s Elan indoor stairlift is the affordable stair chair to help you stay in the home you love with high-quality, dependable American craftsmanship that’s easy to use.