Case Studies

Living Free Home Installed Bruno Curved Stairlift for a Disabled Veteran

The client was no longer able to safely navigate the stairs. We installed Bruno Curved Stairlift for a Disabled Veteran. The unit fit perfectly. The rail is tight to the wall leaving ample space for other family members to use the stairs. The Curve section is a gracious sweep around the post landing solidly on the living room floor. The unit is in the folded up position to maximize

Stairlift Installation

Steep stairs: For some a set of stairs can seem like climbing a mountain. A typical stair case has 13 steps and if you have a physical condition these steps can seem steeper than a mountain. This client in East Brunswick, NJ had stopped using the second floor and was sleeping on a couch in the living room. One fall was all it took. Now with the help of the stair lift, the comfort of living at home has

Hinged Rail Bruno Elan Stair Lift

Here you have an example of a hinged rail Bruno Elan stair lift that we installed in Union County New Jersey for our client. The hinged rail unit is used when you have a hallway or a door at the bottom of the stairs and the rail from the stair lift would create a trip hazard if it were not able to fold up and out of the way. We have power hinge rails that rise out of the way with the touch of the