Bruno Elite Exterior Stair Lifts – for Easy Outdoor Access

Bruno Elite Exterior Stair Lifts

Stair lifts help elderly people and people with mobility concerns move up and down a staircase in a seated position. Often, people suffering from mobility problems may find it difficult to access outdoor stairs that lead to the porch, garden, deck or garage. Exterior stair lifts are the perfect solution to this problem as these devices enable you to easily and safely access outdoor areas of residences or other buildings. These devices are integrated with all prominent features of an indoor lift; nevertheless, they are particularly designed for outdoor use. Leading dealers offer top exterior stair lift models to suit various staircase configurations such as curved/spiral, straight or with multiple landings. In most cases, these models can be customized according to the specific size and design of the staircase. Bruno Elite Exterior stair lifts are unique, and specifically designed for outdoor use. Featuring safe and durable design, these lifts can be easily installed on any stairway.

Bruno Elite Exterior – Top Models

  • CRE-2110E – Featuring a total weight capacity of 400 lbs, this curved stair lift comes with a rail design for improved stability on virtually any curved stairway. It comes with a weather-resistant cover that protects the unit from the elements when it is not in use. Footrest and carriage safety sensors immediately stop the unit when any specific obstruction is encountered. The device runs on two 12V batteries that ensure dependable performance even during a power outage. An offset swivel seat makes entry and exit easy.
  • SRE-2010E – Designed to withstand harsh environments, this model can be installed on either side of the stairway. A weather-resistant cover travels with the chair and protects the unit from the elements when the lift is not in use. Designed for maximum open space on the steps, this straight stair chair lift comes with an adjustable footrest height for added comfort. The footrest and carriage safety sensors provided in this device instantly stop the unit when it encounters an obstruction on the stairs.

Locate a Reliable Dealer to Purchase Your Exterior Stair lift

Locate a reliable accessibility device dealer before buying your exterior stair lift. An established dealer offers high quality products equipped with advanced features within your budget. Reliable dealers offer the services of fully factory-trained personnel who can ensure efficient custom installation of your outdoor device. In addition, they will provide excellent post-sales support related to the installation, inspection, and repair and maintenance services.

Lastest Update: October 10, 2017


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